Monday, April 26, 2010

Yeah Team!

Today I did a project using this great image from


One of our great April sponsors this month.

They have some really cute images you should check them out.   I got the cheerleader to do and my daughter when she was in from college at Easter decided to color with me so we could have some quiet time together.  She colored the image in with the colors of her very first team for little league, the first team that I got to help her by acting as a team mom.  

That was the first of many great years we had together during her cheerleading days.  


I decided to do a Cheerleader Survival kit hoping to give someone inspiration b/c these are so easy to make and they really mean a lot to the girls.   Below is the poem that should be attached.

Glitter : To remind you to keep positive thoughts, and always sparkle.
Throat Lozenge : to soothe your throat after yelling for the team
Rubber band : To remind you, in order to get along with each other, we must all stay flexible.
Smiley Face : To help you out when you think you can't smile even for one more minute.
Gum : To remind you to "stick" together as a team.
Paperclip—to help hold things together when the going gets tough
Milky Way : To remind you to reach for the stars, and follow your dreams.
Candle : To remind you to always "shine"
Cotton Balls : To cushion any rough roads.
Band-Aid to heal all those aches and pains

A mint—to remind you you are worth a mint to many!
Kisses : Because we love you.

I found a site with 101 so a kit for almost anything you could want and they are very adaptable to your situation also.


Jackie Randolph said...

Tammy, this is too cute!!! Love the kit idea and now off to check out the site!

~Jeri~ said...

So very cute Tammy!!! I was never a cheerleader in school, but I bet if I was, I would've needed all these things. I won't tell you what my high school survival kit consisted
Awesome job and love how your daughter worked with you on this one. Tell her she done a great job with coloring!!!

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