Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tutorial Wednesday at Catch the Bug Challenge Blog

Faux Flower Soft

What is flower soft??  Flower soft is a great product that adds texture and dimension to your projects.

I know you all have seen it and then saw the price and decided you didn’t need it that bad. I know I have. Well here is a much cheaper alternative.

All you need are the things in this picture:

That’s right Styrofoam, a cheese grater and re-inkers or food coloring works just as well.
Here is my stash.

Ok this can be a messy job that is why I try to do all my colors at one time. You take the Styrofoam and you grate it. It will go everywhere so if you have a tray sit it on top so it is not so messy but don’t worry it will clean up! I grate mine into the rubber stamp boxes.

After I have grated what I want grated I put some in a little container and add coloring you can add more but cannot take away that way you get the desired color. After you have colored store in an air tight container. White is perfect uncolored for snow see below the scarf is also fuzzy .  You can get green and not have to color at all. I get mine at Walmart and have gotten some at the Dollar Tree as well.

When you go to use it us apply all purpose white glue, just a thin layer and using your fingers or tweezers put your faux flower soft on the part you have added glue to, gently push down into the glue brush of excess. I found when using the white if you have large surfaces keep in a large clear container and work over it, this helps keep it contained.

I hope you will try this very easy technique and I am sure you will love the results.  
The cute snowman is from Bugaboo digi stamps go check them out you wont be disappointed.


Lori said...

This is a great tutorial, Tammy! Thanks so much for testing it out and sharing it with us :D
Love and hugs ~ Lori

Sheng said...

thanks for the great tutorial. I've been wanting flower soft and like you said, the price scared me. Now, I have an alternative.

Big Thanks to you.


Melissa S. said...

Tammy, I love your tutorial. Very well don, good directions and easy. I would have never thought of styrofoam. This is too cool and I will be making some of my own this weekend.

Rae Anne said...

How cool is this technique?!?!? I'm going to have to give it a whirl when I get back from CHA.

Cammy said...

This is pretty ingenious! Thanks for sharing with us!

Sew-Ink said...

Very cute and what a great tutorial.

Tanya said...

Great tutorial Tammy! I never would have thought to use the styrofoam balls.

Deirdre said...

Thanks for the step by step tutorial - great idea.

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